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Beehive, Honey & Cosmetics

Following a successful funding bid to Ards North Down Borough Council, Kilcooley Women's Centre will be establishing a local beehive site.  This will provide a number of opportunities.  

  • An Education Tool - Bees are crucial to the local ecology and environment.  We will be linking with Kilcooley Primary School, to provide a learning opportunity for all ages.  
  • Social economy honey.  Once established, the beehives will produce honey, which will be sold to generate funds for the centre.  
  • Cosmetics - Centre staff are currently exploring avenues where the residual beeswax produced in the hives can be harvested and used to make natural soaps, lip balms and creams.  Additional funding will be sought to enhance this element of the project
  • Participants of the centre will be able to take part in all elements of this project.