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Classroom Assistant

The Level 3 Certificate for Classroom Assistants (QCF) helps learners to develop their knowledge and skills in supporting children, young people and adults in their learning and assessment. QCF is a unit-based framework in which each unit has a specific credit value. One credit represents approximately ten hours of learning time. This allows learners to accumulate credit for each block of learning, or unit, that they complete.

This qualification develops learners’ practical knowledge and skills in a work context. The six mandatory units are designed to improve learners’ professional development.  KWC has set entry requirement that each candidate has Level 2/GCSE English and Maths (or equivalent).  In addition, students need a 6 hour per week appropriate classroom placement.  This course is usually heavily over-subscribed, therefore to ensure the limited places are allocated to the most appropriate candidates, interviews are held to ensure the space goes to students who are intending to use the qualification in their future career. 

We designed the qualification to assist learners to develop their careers by identifying learning and assessment needs in classroom, one-to-one or group learning activities.