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comment from a Parent

What can I say about Ladybirds... They are hands down the best discovery I've made since 'Rainbow Cake' came on the scene.
The staff at Ladybirds are quite simply wonderful. My daughter was a little shy when she first started. Up until sending her to Ladybirds I'd never left her with anyone else, ever... EVER! She had a list of food allergies as long as your arm and I never fully trusted anyone not to poison her.
The staff could see that I was just as anxious about leaving her as she was about being left and they were very understanding. Amazingly after a short settling in period we had both made tremendous progress.
Fast forward a few months and she now skips in happily and waves me off at the door eager to get inside and see her friends -and of course enjoy her breakfast.
Speaking of breakfast, I never had a reason to worry about her allergies. The chef is so thoughtful and considerate when it comes to preparing her meals/ snacks. Even though she may not be able to eat the same food, the chef makes sure her plate/ food is laid out the same so it looks just like the others, because she doesn't want my daughter to 'feel like the odd one out'. (Direct quote -such a lovely lady!)
Being able to see what she has been up to on Nursery Pal is so handy, and I love to see the photo updates of her playing with her friends, it's a highlight of my working day.
It's clear to see that she adores all of the leaders, and why wouldn't she? -they are a lovely bunch of girls. I couldn't ask for a more loving and caring environment to leave her in.
I could probably write all day about the attributes of Ladybirds, I'm sure most readers gave up after the bit about Rainbow Cake, but if you are still reading all I can say is... Ladybirds are amazing, and I would recommend them with a heart and a half.