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Covid Response and Support

2019 was a fairly normal year that was followed by a blur of two years in response to the Covid19 pandemic. It has been an extremely difficult time for many and the staff at Kilcooley Women’s Centre rallied quickly to provide the best level of support possible for all in need living in the Ards and North Down Area. This included readily applying for appropriate funding to support health and wellbeing and permit those in education to continue their studies online. Working from home was by no means an easy task with a highly driven staff force who wanted to help those in need. Classes were developed and moved to an online capacity where zoom became the new normal. Welfare packs were made at all hours of the day to support the most vulnerable with staff completing hundreds of socially distanced door drops and telephone calls to support individuals mental wellbeing and offer a friendly voice in times of complete isolation.

The pandemic continues and so do the team- constantly developing programmes in a blended capacity and adapting changes to services in order to support individuals in line with the ever changing government guidance.

For support and  information on covid 19 including guidance on vaccines, boosters and testing please contact the national support hub on 0800 024 1222