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Cross Community Cross Border Networking

KWC have been funded for the 2016 / 2017 year by the Department of Foreign Affairs in Dublin, to continue their ongoing cross community and cross border work for and with women in Ards North Down.  The project assists KWC retain the imporant cross community and border relationships, to improve community relations and to break down barriers in post conflict Northern Ireland.  

The project also enables the centre to continue to train women in knowledge and understanding of the UN Resolution 1325, which includes women in the reconstruction of post conflict society.  KWC, through the DFA project, works with women to improve their skills in positive community activism, and to encourage them into decision making roles which can improve good relations at a local level.  

The core of this project is to help promote peace and reconciliation at a local level in Ards North Down and to network with peacebuilding organisations across the Island of Ireland.

KWC has enjoyed a long friendship with the Department, over many years and their connections with DFA now extend across the globe with officials linked to the fund now placed in Embassies and Offices across the world.  This demonstrates the life changing element of the fund, through good relation activity for organisations, individuals and neighbourhoods.  

Through the DFA project, KWC has attended 1916 commemorative events in Dublin, the historic evening of music and culture in the Royal Albert Hall with President Higgins, and been invited to the reidence of the former President Mary McAleese.  

As a good relations partner of the DFA, KWC attends their networking conference annually to link with and learn from other community influencers from North and South of the border and has celebrated St Patricks Day with the good relations network.