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The community cohesion consortium with Kilcooley Women’s Centre is now completed.  The programme was based within the Ards and North Down Council area focusing on the rural villages throughout the Ards peninsula. 

This was as inclusive programme which helped linked people living within the community. It  encouraged them to come together to create a safe place to discuss and appreciate each-others cultural diversity.  We were able to use the workshops to improve knowledge on the story culture and increase a sense of community belonging.

The programme took place in five areas, Kilcooley estate Bangor, Newtownards, Cloughey, Balloo Bangor, and Ballywalter. We used the workshops to educate and discuss issues such as, BREXIT, Sectarianism, Inclusion, Diversity, Equality, Irish History and “The Troubles” these topics led to powerful yet interesting discussions amongst each of the groups. The participants were able to share personal stories within a shared space. The safe space also ensured questions could be asked with no judgement and a new knowledge shared. 

Our main purpose of the programme was to bring communities and generations together to help create a safe place to discuss and appreciate each other’s cultural diversity. 62% were from a PUL background, 14% were from a CNR and 23% were from other background.  20% were aged 16-30 and 80% were 50+ , 15% were male and 85% were female. This mix of genders and ages gave opportunities for engagement with people who they may otherwise come across. This gave opportunity to develop intergenerational relationships and understanding amongst the different ages. 

As well as the programme we brought the groups together to celebrate in a St Patricks day Tea dance on Friday 15thMarch. An afternoon filled with fun and friendship to help develop that new community togetherness. This was a huge success and enabled the different groups to have a final celebration together. 

Overall the community cohesion consortium helped develop good relations within the different communities and engagement was improved. 100% of the participant’s agreed that the culture and traditions of different ethnic backgrounds adds to the richness and diversity of Northern Ireland. 

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