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Good Relations Inclusion and Tolerance

During our GRIT (Good Relations Inclusion and Tolerance) programme we visited Ballygrainey Orange Hall to hear about the history of the lodges and the charity work they par take in. We visited St Pauls GAA club in Holywood, to hear about the set up of the club and the games which are played. Our last outing was through Belfast Hidden Tours where we took part in a 3 hour bus tour around Belfast to discuss the PEACE Walls and how the local communites are helping build the bridges betweens the communites. We had a lovely tea break in Duncairn Arts Centre Belfast, which was an excellent example of a shared space within Belfast. 


Working together to create relationships between the communities. Delivering a better understanding between cultures and historical events, in shared spaces. Helping to shape the future of our blended communites.


We are creating a new community group titled

“Ards North Down Women, Children and Family centres Network”. We will be focusing on inclusion and tolerance as well as an increased sense of community belonging. 
We want to help celebrate the cultural diversity belonging to NI and improve knowledge and understanding of other communities to encourage, tolerance and dialogue between individuals and groups.

This group will involve THREE trips, 1 trip to Orange Hall, 1 trip to GAA club and 1 trip to the PEACE Walls Belfast.

We aim for the group to continue on the engagement post project to encourage a long-term approach to shared spaces.
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