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On Friday 1st March, 2019 we hosted an amazing day out thanks to Gransha Equestrian Centre through the Catalyst Personal Youth Development Programme. throughout the day we got to visit all the horses in their pens, feeding them carrotts and getting pictures. The PYDP group then got assigned a horse each and were taught by a professional at the centre how to correct walk, trot, stop/start and steer the horses round their training area. After our lesson we retreated back to the centre for a light lunch and some drinks to reflect on everything we learnt and our therapeutic day out. 

On Monday 11th March we done a Baby Massage taster workshop run by Tracy to show use how to relax our babies and ourselves during stressful times in our lives. Using therapy music and almond oils we carried out various different massage techniques from the toes all the way to the face, explaining how particular movements can help with babies digestion, wind, growing pains and colic. Oils and step by step guides were given home with the participants so this could be practiced in the comfort of their own home. 

A Employability, CV building and Interview skills workshop was carried out over 3 weeks on a tuesday morning with some participants who were interested in building on their CVs. Throughout this they learnt what to do and not to do at an interview, how to prepare, what to wear and key words to say to impress your interview panel. Professional CVs were done in our computer suite and emailed to the participants so they could use it and add to it anytime they deemed nescessary. In house certificates were issued on completion. 

We took a trip to the Odyssey Belfast to go bowling with the group as part of a team building exercise for the Catalyst youth project to gel outside of the centre environment and show how competitive they can be. After splitting the group into two and having a game of bowling we then grabbed some lunch from the odyssey diner, discussing other days out ideas. 

Over coming fears and challenges is a huge part of the programme, over the last few months a few people have raised concerns about not be able to swim and being afraid of the sea. In May, we tackled those fears head on during a Surfing trip to Portrush, learning how to ride the waves with professional instructors. The participants finished the two hour lesson with a huge buzz after learning new skills and over coming fears of the water. it was an amazing experience that will be hard to forget in the future. 

Escape rooms and We are Vertigo day trips have also been on the agenda where the team got to build relationships with each other whilst trying new things they may never get to do due to travel and childcare issues that are covered within the programme. These trips are essential to build confidence and over come issolation issues that some may experience due to being out of work and employment. 

During the month of June 2019, 'level 2' of the programme commenced and we started into our accredited courses such as Level 2 Food Hygiene and Level 1 Volunteering and Equality and Diversity to help build on their CVs to better their changes of employment in the future. Participants will also look into literacy and numeracy skills where necessary to help with life and work. 


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