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Incredible Years Parenting programme

I love incredible years I have found I definitely look at situations differently now. It
made me understand I need to listen to my kids better. I seen a massive change in my three year olds behaviour as rather than him getting frustrated he is better now at explaining himself and I take the time to understand him better. He now asks me to hold my hand crossing a road, before he wouldn't and this caused as issue. With incredible years it's taught me to praise him and thank him for being so well behaved now I find him behaving and looking for my praise. It's helped us as a family as I am going home and explaining to my husband how we should deal with
situations better. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and love meeting all the girls taking part. I love we can all support each.  Dawn McElroy 


I would agree with Dawn McElroy. The course has taught me to be more specific with
praise which has resulted in improved behaviour. It has massively helped me understand my Child's; need for perfection and how to deal with frustration when this doesn't always come about. Another key learning has been not taking away rewards earned when consequences for negative behaviour have to be put in place- now we treat these as 2 seperate situations. I certainly feel the course has made an instant impact on my 8 and 4 year old and will continue with my 1 year and future newborn to bring increased harmony into a very busy household.

Incredible years has helped me be more patient, more giving with praise, better at listening and understanding, not only with my own child but with the childrenI nanny. We get set in our ways with how children should be taught about life and sometimes they aren't  good ways. I have
made small changes gradually and see a difference in not only the way i talk to the children, but how they talk to me. And I listen to them and they listen to me!! Theres a lot more respect too from the older children. I play better with the children, just by incredible years giving me useful tips on child -led play. The difference it has made with my little girl is amazing. She wants to play more with me whichis lovely. This program just makes you stop and think. I love it. Lorraine Hume