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About Ladybirds Childcare 

At Kilcooley Women's Centre, we have the benefit of on-site Childcare which is delivered by fully qualified experienced staff. Participants can attend their class/activity with the knowledge their child is being well cared for, whilst still being close by.

Jellietots - Baby Room (children 0-2)

Jellie Tots childcare is committed to providing a safe and secure, friendly and stimulating environment for all children in our care. Jellie Tots have a bright comfortable room which is well equipped for children to learn and explore and gain independence.

The aim of Jellie Tots is to deliver a high quality play environment from birth to two this has been very beneficial for children progressing onto playgroup or nursery as they have had experience of a structured environment.  We now progress children from 2 years to our Smarties Room, based in the front of Kilcooley Primary School.  

Jellie Tots  and Smarties enjoys close links with the nursery school located in Kilcooley Primary School, and complements each others provision. Jellie Tots also provides respite sessions for families in need. This is individual support appraised on a case by case basis.  During the child’s stay, staff, as well as providing a quality learning and play environment, also provide a healthy snack to promote healthy eating encouraging each child’s social skills in a structured environment.

Each child is treated as an individual, and settling in is augmented to suit your child's needs.  During the settling in period we would ask parents to encourage their children to get to know other children and staff. This will help your child adjust to new surroundings and enjoy coming to our childcare room. Do not hesitate to let staff know if your child has any likes or dislikes which might help them settle in. If your child has any comfort toys let the staff know.  If leaving the toy please mark it with the child’s name so as it can be identified.

To comply with social service regulations, we cannot permit non members of staff into the childcare room.  Please ensure you remain in the hallway for leaving off your child and collecting him / her.  We maintain strict rules and regulations regarding access to the facility to comply with regulations and to maintain a safe and secure environment for your child.  The staff appreciate your co-operation in this regard.  There are no current facilities to accomodate on site breastfeeding, however we are happy to feed expressed milk on behalf of breastfeeding mothers.  Due to limited accommodation in the centre, we may not have an alternative location to accommodate breastfeeding.  

The facility adheres to strict child to worker ratios, therefore we appreciate you refraining from arriving before your alloted childcare time.  In addition, you are required to collect your child promptly and vacate the premises.  This is to comply with child protection regulations and to pay due regard to Kilcooley Primary School and the children who attend the school.  This ensures we maintain an unobtrusive presence in the building.

Any complaints regarding the service should in the first instance be raised informally with Tracy Harrison Childcare Services Manager or Laura Redfern the Deputy.  If you are unsatisfied with the resolution proposed, please request our complaints policy and follow the outlined procedure.

Jellie Tots Childcare is currently supported by Department for Communities Women's Centre Childcare fund, Department of Education (Pathways Fund), Trusthouse Foundation and BBC Children in Need.

Jellie Tots offers full-time and part-time care and is open Monday to Thursday 8am - 4pm and Friday 8am-2pm, 49 weeks per year (we close a week at Christmas, Easter and two weeks over July holidays). We have a fabulous sensory corner including a bubble tower and infinity tunnel which is great for calming children who are upset or need to relax.  

Smarties Pre-Nursery offers full-time and part-time care for children aged 2-4, including a hot school meal and snacks with the newly launched pre-nursery service from November 2016.  By September 2017 we will split into two rooms separating into aged 2-3 room and aged 3-4 room allowing us to focused more on the age and stage of development of the children and best meet their needs.  

To find out any further information just give Tracy Harrison (Childcare Services Manager) or Laura Redfern (Deputy Manager) a call on 02891 478292 or you can email us on tracy@kilcooleywomenscentre.co.uk or laura@kilcooleywomenscentre.co.uk.