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Volunteering ! - Leading Ladies - Leadership for Women Ards North Down


Leading Ladies is a leadership and community relations project funded via the Executive Office of the NI Assembly.  The project will link participants from a wide range of backgrounds and communities, unite urban and rural, and improve the community leadership capactiy of women in Ards North Down to promte, encourage and support community volunteering and mentoring in the Kilcooley and wider Ards North Down area.  The project aims to accredit and provide a quality approch to volunteering, supporting those who give back their time and expertise to do so in a positive, proactive and safe way.  

A cocktail of accredited programmes are available to participants.

These include

  • VTCT Level 1 Award in Volunteering 
  • VTCT Level 1 Award in Equality and Diversity including  UN Security Resolution 1325 
  • VTCT Level 1 Certificate in Event Volunteering
  • VTCT Level 3 Award in Mentoring
  • Self Development

The participants will be able to put their learning into practive with events in their community to celebrate International Women's Day, International Day of Languages and International Day of Linking Generations.  Participants across the Portaferry, Ballywalter, Holywood and Kilcooley/Bangor area arranged various community events and fun days including the fantastic PORTAFERRY GALA to provide quality events run by volunteers in their own communities.  Each community was invited to events, which natually developed a cross community element.  The Newtownards young women's parent support group organised events to take single parents, on a family trip to Corrymela, which had a huge positive impact on the lives of these families, who have had a challenging period in their lives.  The dedication of the programme leaders across Kilcooley, Newtownards, Ballywalter, Portaferry and the villages on the Penninsula, is demonstrated when some of the most vulnerable in society are enthused to give back and contribute to their local civic society.  


For further details contact 

Lynne 028 9147 8292


The participants will network together, visit eachothers project, learn and inspire each other with the added bonus of enhancing CVs and employment prospects.  Working across cultures, community backgrounds and ages, the project will deliver an inspirational event to conclude the project and to recognise community achievers living within our Borough.  Partners in the project are from:

  • Kilcooley
  • Ballywalter
  • Portaferry
  • Holywood
  • Newtownards

Many of the participants on the programme have returned to train as volunteers themselves, and community based mentors, to assist those who are in the same situation the community mentors were before they engaged on the programme.  This peer element of the project, inspires and engages the hardest to reach across North Down and Ards Peninsula  As a direct result of this project in 2017, KWC supported over 150 volunteers achieve accredited status and were registered with us as a 'bank' volunteer.  This has included 12 volunteer classroom assistants in local schools assisting with literacy, numeracy and pupil confidence/self esteem, and 16 registered volunteers for Kilcooley Primary Secret Garden, where they maintain the polytunnel and work with each class group on their 'dig it and eat it' initative, where we are growing potatioes, tomatoes, grapevines, olives, pumpkins, berries, rhubarb, herbs, chillis, marrow, sweetcorn and small planters for parents at Christmas, Easter and other festivie events.  They have also assisted on our fun days, become volunteer childcare assistants, European visits by Erasmus students/interns and many many other activities.  This outcome has been replicated across the Borough.  This will provide a legacy to the project and a valuable community asset.  

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