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  • Reading Rooms 

    I have thoroughly enjoyed this class.  Pleasantly surprised how people have different opinions.   The stories were very interesting.  Ashley our Tutor was amazing, hopefully this class will continue in the future. 


    S Sloan

    Before I had heard of Kilcooley women's Centre, I had never been to the estate.  I was suffering from depression and my Doctor recommended I look into further education.  I spoke to the wonderful Office staff and decided to do a craft course and an ICT course. What a joy, to learn so much in such a warm environment.  The craft class was so enjoyable and could help a person become self employed.  Rebecca the Tutor is such a genuine person and treats the students all the same.I don't know what I''ll do when the class ends. The class is such a lifeline. I also attended and ICT class with Lorna who is a brilliant Tutor.  I couldn't have switched a computer on before joining.  Her class consists of young and older folk and we have all gained so much, both in learning and in the friendships we have made.  

    Bernice Rafferty
  • Over the past 6 months Kilcooley Women's Group has become a lifeline to me.   Due to ill health and severe medication this has been my only opportunity to socalise, meet with other  women, learn a new craft or skill which has given me new hope and brought back some of my self confidence, which I had lost due to my illness and feelings of isolation.  Furthermore, I would like to add that I am from a different country and find it harder to make new friends, since I no longer work and don't have my family living in this country.  Kilcooley Women's Centre has made such a huge difference in the quality of my life and other womens lives too.  

    Nita McBratney