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Physical Activity

We are extremely keen to promote physical activity not only for the health benefits of our children but also to combat childhood obesity.  No matter the weather we will improvise and use our resources to ensure that children take part in physical activity at least 2-3 times every day.

As well as our outdoor activities and trips each room has a selection of Physical equipment to keep children active. 

Jelie tots have a lovely step and slide frame and large ball pit. There is also push/ride along toys, tents and tunnels to let children burn some energy off. 

Smarties and Magic stars have access to the school hall and will do various group games or make use of physical equipment such as balls racquettes or skittles. There is also a lot of dancing or party games to be had in the rooms as well.

All rooms have access to our very own bouncy castle, large soft play blocks and dance mats.

We recently had a dance teacher and a yoga teacher come out and show the children some moves. 

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