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CCEA Level 3 Classroom Assistant


Megan Monroe - "I heard about the Classroom Assistant course through a family member, they hours suited me to attend and the support was brilliant,  I didnt really have many expectations before starting the course appart from preparing myself for some hard work but it was definitely worth it.  I would recommend to anyone doing the course to set time a side each week to keep on top of coursework.  I hope now to go on to do a Special Educational Needs Course."

Olga Trench - " I attended KWC before doing other courses so that how I found out about the Classroom assistant course.  I was thrilled when I heard KWC was going to deliver this course as it was one I always wanted to do. I didnt anticipate the amount of work involved but it was worth it, I really enjoyed the course and enjoyed it so much.  I am hoping now to find employment as a result of completing this course."

David Innis - " I found out about the Classroom Assitant Course through my partner.  The location suited my to attend the course.  We were guided and given advice throughout the course and all my expectations of the course were met.  I would advise anyone considering doing this course to be prepared for a lot of coursework, but its definitely worth putting the effort in.  I will now try to get a job as a Classroom Assistant and continue in the meantime with more training to improve my chances of employment"

Fiona Kingsley - I learned about the course from KWC Facebook page.  The reason I choose KWC was because it was so accessible and I could fit the course around my children attending school..  I would encourage anyone to do the course I found it easy enough.  I am now planning on looking for a job"

Karen Lindsay-Barry - "I found out about the Classroom Assistant Course through my sister-in-law who works in Kilcooley Primary School, I was able to do the course due to KWC having Childcare available on site. Although there was a lot more involved that I envisioned it was an excellent course but does come with a level of committment with coursework and placement in a school.  As I'm expecting a new baby soon my career is currently on hold for the moment but I'll will be planning to participate on training in the future"

Christine Crawford - "I learned about the Classroom Assistant Course through their Facebook page.  KWC is close to my home so the venue suited to enable me to do the course and worked well with my children for school drop offs and pick-ups. Tutor was excellent and I would highly recommend this course to anyone.  I am now going to look for a job as a Classroom Assistant."

Danielle Atkinson - "I learned of course through Facebook and Friends and really enjoyed the smaller class.  I felt nervous at the beginning but I got through it with my qualification and would recommend anyone to Go for It!!!  I now hope to get a job with my new qualification."

Kelly Howell - " I found out about Classroom Assistant through Facebook and it suited me because it was local and had the added advantage of Childcare on site.  All aspects of class exceeded my expectations.  I would recommend anyone to do the course even if your not intending to use the it but is always something that you can expand on and I feel will open a lot of doors.  I'm not sure at this point what I intend to do next"

Julieann Hartley - " I found out about the course through word of mouth and day of the course really suited me.  I would recommend anyone to do the course as it was really good and not that I'm qualified and have gained experience I intend to look for a job"