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VOW Project - Volunteering Opportunities for Women

KWC were delighted to be funded by Department for Communities (DfC) under their Volunteering programme, to pilot and develop a register of volunteers for the Kilcooley area.  This pilot, enabled the centre to develop robust volunteering policies and procedures, link into the Departmental strategy for volunteering in Northern Ireland.  The VOW project established our registered 'on call' volunteers, which outlines the expertise and area volunteers were keen to lend support.  As KWC is an Access NI Umbrella Group, e also provided the Access NI clearances for the volunteers linked to this project and other local volunteers across the Borough.  KWC continue to liaise with Department for Communities in relation to embedding the principles and practice of volunteering in the area, and these principles has assisted in levering in additional funding for the volunteering element of our work.  

As a direct result of the volunteer training and one to one mentoring of volunteers ready to take leadership roles, the Kilcooley Scout troup was established, led by Gina Murray who had completed the volunteering training inlcuidng publc  event planning and implementation, mentoring, food hygiene, health and safety and other key components required when actively volunteering in a leadership role.  Gina has now recruited her own team of scout leaders, therefore continuing the cascade the outcomes of the project at a local and continuing level.   (pictured - Gina Murray receiving the KWC Award in Community Volunteering from Sylvia, Lady Hermon, and Gina Murray presenting the valuable work of the VOW project to First Minister Rt Hon Arlene Foster and Alex Easton MLA,  in Stormont Castle).  

The project is currently developing a team of 'Volunteer Digital Champions' who will work alongside our ICT programme to specifically assist older people access technology to keep in touch with friends, relations and community, to reduce social isolation and lonlieness.  These volunteer chamions will assist in Portaferry, Ballywalter and Kilcooley to guide older people to access our online training programmes, once they have the basic skills.  It will also go thorugh safe use of social media, platforms to communicate free near and far (eg Facetime) and how to use their tablets or smartphones.

For information on how to get involved in volunteering contact Megan Wilson at the centre.  

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