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Young Women Testimonials


    Kilcooley Women's Centre has given me the confidence to socialise with  people again and maintain friendships with girls in my class as well as help me get over my depression and anxiety which was holding me back for many reasons. I had to leave school in fourth year of high school due to depression and social anxiety, leaving me unable to continue with my education or complete my GCSE's which is all I wanted. 

    In September, I found Kilcooley Womens Centre, which I feel was one of the best things to happen to me. 

    I signed up for GCSE maths, english, sociology, psychology and IT and was over the moon when I was accepted for them all.  I am currently still studying them all and enjoying learning about all the different areas of each subject.  I have just finished 40% of my GCSE english and have done really well thanks to my tutor. I now feel I have confidence to do well in all my subjects thanks to the help of my teachers and the advice they have given me as well as always welcoming me to class :) 

    Occasionally my anxiety will get the better of me but it has improved greatly knowing that I am getting to do what I love in life.

    The greatest news I have received  (besides finding KWC)was when I applied for a college in England that specialises in sociology and pyschology, these are the subjects I am most passionate about as well as english.  I have been accepted to study pyschology, sociologhy and English A Level as they are happy with my attitude and passion for studying.  Something I thought I could never do is now happening and I hope, after studying A level, I will be accepted into university where I would like to study criminology. 

    Kilcooley Womens Centre is a great place and I would be very sorry to see it go as I am really enjoying my time here and it has been a great benefit to me and future plans. It was my gateway to higher education , without KWC I would be struggling, now I am happy with myself and my education :) .  


    Anna Suvarese