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Victoria Johnston- "The girls at Catalyst are more like an extended family. I have made some great friends throughout the classes. I enjoy getting out and doing new things. I love being involved in Catalyst, I have been able to gain more confidence and rebuild on the person I once was. I am glad that I joined Catalyst, I am proud to say I am still learning and building on myself and am thankful for the programme and friendships I have made."

Holly McVeigh- "So far within my time in Catalyst I have created a lot of strong relationships with the other people who attend each week but also I have been given a range of opportunities to be involved in different courses that gave me the ability to achieve a variety of certificates. Being inducted into a group like Catalyst has given me a chance to work on myself in an environment which is understanding and trusting." 

Samantha Smallwood- "Catalyst is amazing. You go on so many trips. I have made so many new friends. Catalyst has made my confidence grow."

Zoe Johntston- "Catalyst has helped me overcome a lot of problems and advised me of loads of new ways of doing things and trying to get to my next level of goals. I have also made a brilliant group of friends that will always stay close."

Naomi Hadley - "I have really enjoyed the trips and making a fab new group of friends! It has helped give me a lot of confidence and prepare for the job I got as a special needs teaching assistant."